Founded: 1931
 Location: No.92 Beier Road, Helping District, China 110001

China Medical University (CMU) is among the first batch of Chinese medical schools authorised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to recruit international students. It is also one of the universities authorised by MOE to teach medicine in ENGLISH for international students.

China Medical University (CMU) was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party. Its precursor was the Chinese Workers’-Peasants’ Red Army Military Medical School and Chinese Workers’-Peasants’ Red Army Health School founded in Ruijin city, Jiangxi province in 1931.

Over 70,000 senior specialised medical personnel have been educated by CMU since its establishment. Its graduates are all over China and some countries and regions of the world. It nurtured so many famous medical experts and leaders of national health administration and education.

The total staff of CMU now is 11225, and 80% are professionals of different specialities. Among them are: One academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 562 professors, 827 associate professors, 362 tutors for doctoral and 924 tutors for masters students. 2 are members of evaluation group of academic degree committee of the state council, 15 are chairman or vice-chairman of national academic societies.