Founded: 1992
 Location: Osh State, Kyrgyzstan

Medical Institute,Osh State University(Oshsu) is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Kyrgyzstan located in the south of the country.

Medical Institute, Osh State University is the largest educational institution in the country.The structure of the university includes three research institutes,12 faculties,93 departments,27 educational ,academic and international centres.

The Medical Institute, Osh State University is a public medical institute located in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. It was opened in 1992 as of the reorganisation of the Osh State Pedagogical Institute into Osh State University.

Medical Institute, Osh State University is accredited, recognised and listed with WHO (World Health Organisation) world directory of Medical School.Study Medicine at the Medical Institute, Osh State University-English Medium for Foreign Students.

Degree of MD (Doctor of Medicine) is awarded, a widely recognised and accepted degree in most countries as compared to MB or MBBS degree.Graduates to take USMLE and continue Postgraduate education or Ph.D in America.An affordable Tuition fees.An ideal academic environment.