Founded: 1965
 Location: Vigan City, llocos Sur, Philippines 2700

University of Northern Philippines (UNP) in Vigan City, llocos Sur holds the distinction of being the oldest state institution of higher learning in Northern Luzon. It was created through the enactment of Republic Act 4449 authored ny the late Congressman Floro S.Crisologo. Approved o June 19, 1965,the Act converted thellocos Sur School of Arts and Trades into what is presently known as the University of Northern Philippines.

The University assures that it plays a vital role in the social progress since it espouses the values of relevance, quality, cost effectivenss and impact along with its trifocal function-instruction, research and extension which structturally from the integral part of higher education.


The University of Northern Philippines envisions itself to be a pioneering Centre of World class excellence for instruction in the humanities, the arts and the sciences, functional scientific, social and technological researches, relevant extension services and quality production towards empowerment of graduates for sustainable development.


The Mission of the University is to provide quality education through modernisation, accreditation and effective consultation and linkages; enhance research through expansion of commodity coverage and capitation of faculty and staff members; intensify extension through provision of impact projects; and improve production through the optimal utilisation of available resources.